How do you care for a baby snapping turtle?


To care for baby snapping turtles, you will first need a tank. A ten gallon aquarium will work nicely for babies. In addition, you will need a sunning rock, aquarium sand, and a heat lamp. For nutritional needs, you can purchase feeding pellets, and also supplement with fresh foods, such as apples, lettuce, chicken, and night crawlers.
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Things You'll Need. Small tank or pet carrier. Gravel or pebbles. Water. Earthworms. Tadpoles. Instructions. Buy a three-gallon tank or even a small hamster carrier (found in most
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if your brother love to take care of it, first he must be aware that its a big responsibility. animals are to be well taken care of and if not, they might end up sick or eventually This is about everything you need to know about snappers. If they are common snappers, you may not want to keep two togeather, they will bite eachother and
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Caring for Baby Snapping Turtles
If you've decided to adopt a baby snapping turtle, you've adopted a challenging pet. Within two years, your baby snapper will be about 7 inches long. He will keep growing until he weighs about 40 or 50 pounds, so you'll definitely need an outdoor... More »
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