How do you tell someone you care about him or her in a letter or poem?


Writing a poem for someone is a great way to show them how much they mean in one's life. Poetry is a good way to express the depth of caring one feels.
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1. If the loved one is going through a difficult time, express your support in the letter. If your aunt just found out she has an advanced stage of breast cancer and is scared about
john keats.
Here is a poem about caring. "Truly caring for someone so much, all you can
Your link didn't work, but that hardly mattered. Your poem vibrates with a musical cadence, intrinsic and primal, of its own. A surreal etching of passions dug out of a collective
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In order to tell someone that you care about them in a letter or poem, you need to be sincere. Caring is all about getting your feelings across. You can do this by being true yourself and others.
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