Carinosa Dance Steps?


Carinosa is an example of a Filipino Folk Dance; the term when translated means 'affectionate'. The dance steps resembles that of a hide-seek with the woman holding a fan or a handkerchief. Regarded as a courtship dance, the ladies does small steps while the men follow them.
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Carinosa Dance Steps
Carinosa, the national dance of the Philippines, is a romantic, flirtatious folk dance set to a waltz-like 3/4 rhythm. A couple expresses their feelings for each other with coy moves, including playing hide-and-seek behind a handkerchief or a fan.... More »
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hide and seek,jigging, and with fan and handkerchief.
Cariñosa usually involves two dancers, one male, one female, who dance facing one another.The dancers don't touch each other, but their dancing indicates their romantic interest
This is very to hard to explain in writing but check out the site below maybe it will help. Cariñosa - Cariñosa is a word that describes an affectionate, friendly and
The two step, or the Texas two step is just a series of four steps, two quick and two slow. The first two quick steps are followed by two slower steps in the same direction. You don't
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The Carinosa is a Filipino dance performed using a handkerchief or piece of cloth in hand. The steps in Carinosa comprise of hiding behind a cloth and waltzing ...
hide and seek,jigging, and with fan and handkerchief. ...
Step dance is more of a generic term to describe a certain type of dancing. Step dance is where the footwork is the most important part and body and arm movements ...
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