What are the dance steps for the Carinosa?


Carinosa is an example of a Filipino Folk Dance; the term when translated means 'affectionate'. The dance steps resembles that of a hide-seek with the woman holding a fan or a handkerchief. Regarded as a courtship dance, the ladies does small steps while the men follow them.
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what are the basics steps of dancing the carinosa?
Cariñosa usually involves two dancers, one male, one female, who dance facing one another.The dancers don't touch each other, but their dancing indicates their romantic interest
it is a Philippine group dance in the Maria Clara suite of Philippine folk dances where the fan or handkerchief plays an instrumental role as it places the couple in a hard-to-get
Doing the moonwalk can be a lot of fun, and is not too difficult to learn! You'll want to find shoes that don't grip too much, or start off in your socks, and learn on a slick floor
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Carinosa Dance Steps
Carinosa, the national dance of the Philippines, is a romantic, flirtatious folk dance set to a waltz-like 3/4 rhythm. A couple expresses their feelings for each other with coy moves, including playing hide-and-seek behind a handkerchief or a fan.... More »
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