Carlos Bakery Cake Prices?


Carlo's Bakery is the name of the bakery that is on the television show, The Cake Boss. Carlo's Bakery is the name of an actual bakery. The cake prices are going to vary from cake to cake. Many of the cakes that are made in Carlo's Bakery are very specialty made. Carlos's Bakery is located in the city of Hoboken, New Jersey. The bakery is open seven days a week. the telephone number of the bakery is (201) 659-3671.
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Carlo's Bakery - a sampling of prices. Crumb cake, $7.50. Italian cheesecake, $15.95. Pumpkin pie, slice, $1.95. Apple pie, 8 ins. $10.95. Cupcake, decorated, $2.50. Black & White
All PASTRIES are $19.98 a pound.
Rumors have it that some of the cakes start
You can wait in line for two hours! We had guests who brought cannoli and lobsters tails from Carlo's Bakery - they weren't great. The lobster tails and cannoli are much better at
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