Carls Jr Menu Prices?


Carl's Jr. menu prices will vary depending on the food item. Burgers, such as the Breakfast burger, can cost $5.00. Chicken Torta's may cost $3.29 whereas Steak Torta's may cost $3.89.
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Carl's Jr has all types of things. They have different salads, burgers, Chicken, and
Where i live in California they cost $2.89.
I have absolutely no idea. But, did you know that in the mid-west, Carl's Jr. is called Hardy's? Haha, I was amazed about that when I moved to Illinois. :P
why would they be available from anyone except Carl's ? - sounds like they are counterfeit - will get you arrested and put away for a long time if you are caught dealing them.
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There is no secret menu by Carls Jr. You can get all types of things on the menu at this casual food establishment. The most common include salads, burgers, chicken ...
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