Carnival Glass?


Carnival glass is a type of glass that has been molded or pressed and finished with a shiny metallic-like, shimmering surface. It is a technique of glass making that is used to make decorative objects as well as functional objects such as vases, plates, cups, glasses and more. Other names for carnival glass include aurora glass, rainbow glass, taffeta glass and dope glass. There are still some manufacturers of this type of glass which reached its peak in popularity in the 1920s.
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There are loads of collectors of this stuff. Ebay is the best place to sell it.
Fenton Carnival Glass Candy Dish is worth about 20 dollars. There are different types
The Blue is most desired therefore most valuable. Source(s) I use to collect it but sold it for a good price.
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About Carnival Glass
Collecting carnival glass can become a passion. There is so much to learn about it including different types, colors and designs. You have to do your homework, but carnival glass is so beautiful, so unique, you will want to learn everything you can... More »
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