How to Restore Carousel Horses?


To restore carousel horses, you will need paint, sandpaper, paint stripper, and acrylic clear coat. First you need to remove the old paint. Then repaint and apply the clear coat.
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1. Place the carousel horse and stand in a well-lit, properly ventilated room free from excess dust and suspended particles of dirt and dust. Before you begin to paint carousel horses
Old ones were carved out of wood in sections and fastened together with cement and metal fasteners. Newer ones were mqde of fibre-glass. Old ones were carved out of wood in sections
Every carousel is different. Some have as many as 54 horses on the carousel.
Putting carousel rocking horses in your child’s room is one of the great ways to brighten up the room. Carving a horse from scratch can take a long time, but reproduction and
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To paint carousel horses, place them in a well lit environment.and clean them. Apply sealant on the wood. Coat the carousel horse with primer then Paint the carousel ...
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