How do I troubleshoot a Carrier programmable thermostat?


Carrier Programmable Thermostat Manual guides one on how to use the device. To Troubleshoot a Carrier Programmable Thermostat you first check the system switch to make sure you have the carrier programmable thermostat set to cool if you want cold air or heat if you want warm air. Inspect the circuit breakers in the breaker box because they all need to be on. Look in the gray box on the wall by the outdoor air conditioning unit and switch on the disconnect switch, replace the HVAC filter, shift furniture that is blocking the return air grills away from the grills.
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1. Check the "System Switch." Make sure you have the Carrier programmable thermostat set to "Cool," if you want cold air, or "Heat," if you want warm
basically see where the wires are on the old one. i have a basic setup and my wires are: R= red (hot 24 volts) W= White (heating) G= green or blue (blower) Y= yellow (ac) you could
Ok what you need to do is call your local service company and have a technician come out and check your Thermostat, its currently not able to read humidity probably due to a power
What is the model number of the thermostat?
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