How to Troubleshoot a Carrier Thermostat?


To troubleshoot a Carrier thermostat, first check the settings. If the thermostat is not displaying anything, check the batteries. If the thermostat is not displaying the correct temperature, it may need replaced.
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1. Examine the “System Switch” when you have Carrier thermostat problems. If you want cool air to blow, make sure the thermostat is set to “Cool.” If you want
"E2" error code is a brownout condition or too low of
2nd ,be sure to mark/tag each wire as you remove so you will remember what color wire goes to which post. 3rd re-install each wire to to correct post in your honeywell tstat. Follow
This may require pulling an additional wire between the furnace and the thermostat if there is not an extra wire for C. The C terminal on the thermostat needs to connect to the common
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To program a Carrier thermostat, first press day and set the day and the time, press end when you have it set. On the mode setting, you can set it for auto, so ...
Carrier Programmable Thermostat Manual guides one on how to use the device. To Troubleshoot a Carrier Programmable Thermostat you first check the system switch ...
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