Cars for 500 or Less?


If you want to buy a car for $500 or less be prepared to 'get what you pay for'. You can find cars for sale in your local classifieds or newspapers or online sites like Craigslist. However, there probably won't be much of a good selection for $500.
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1. Go to and do a search for cars. Type "used cars" into the search box. Scroll down to the "Price" search category, which is located on the left hand
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The best place to buy a car for $500 is near where you live. Check out the local classifieds or the Craigslist of your area. Also, check out used car lots.
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Most used-car dealers do not sell cars for less than $500 because it is hard to make money. I would suggest checking Craigslist for private owners who are willing ...
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