Are there any cars sold under $500?


There are cars available for $500 and sometimes less, but final pricing is usually based on what the seller is willing to accept. Used car prices fluctuate according to consumer demands, the economy, location and the market in which the cars are being sold.

Best Places to Find $500 Cars

With a budget of $500, the options in purchasing a vehicle are not plentiful, but it is possible. Below is a list of websites and places that provide venues for finding cars in this price range:

  1. A nationally known website that allows users to post classifieds for free.
  2. Car auctions: Here, cars are auctioned off to the highest bidder.
  3. Another classified website that allows users to post their cars for sale for free.
  4. A website based on the idea of giving users post their needs, and other users fulfill them.
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1. Look in your local newspaper under classifieds, free online advertisements on Craigslist and in auto magazines. Also, Ebay is another fantastic place to look for cars under 500
There are many places to find cars priced at under 500 dollars. A good place to start is on Craigslist. Another good place to check is at auctions for used cars.
Car dealership number that has cars under
Check out this link for some great places to get cheap used cars.….
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