Cars What Does GT Stand for?


In cars, GT is an abbreviation that most commonly stands for Grand Touring or Gran Turismo. This simply means that cars branded GT are high performance designed for comfort and speed. A good example of such cars is the Ford GT Mustang.
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It stands for Grand Touring, or in Italian Gran Turismo. It typically means high performance yet with a few luxuries of being comfortable.
GT : Grand touring - a higher performance, higher quality automobile.
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GT stands for Grand Touring for a car. ChaCha
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GT stands for grand tourer or gran turismo. GT model cars are designed for high speed long distance driving. The idea is to reach your destination in comfort ...
GTS on most vehicles stands for Gran Turismo Sport. The initials purely stand for the trim package that is on the car itself and does not necessarily make it the ...
The acronym GT is used to designate a high performance, high quality car. It can refer to the Italian phrase Grand Turismo. GT can also stand for Grand Touring. ...
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