Carson City Uncirculated Silver Dollar?


Carson City Mint was established in 1870 to mint silver coins. They produced many uncirculated General Services Administration coins. Caches of Morgan Dollars were sold in the 1970's by the federal government. The uncirculated silver dollars were kept and are being sold to the public. These coins come in plastic holders. They are considered a collector's item to coin collectors. The average cost of a Carson City Silver Dollar is $200. Be sure to check that next pocket full of change to see if it contains a rare piece. 
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It depends on how good uncirculated condition it is in, but the range is from about $200 (in MS-60) to about $2,000 (in MS-66)
The mint mark of each Morgan silver dollar can be found on the reverse below the wreath. Coins minted in Carson City feature the mint mark "CC. The coin is composed of 90 percent
A mint state set in MS-63 would run about 50,430,00. The 1889-CC in MS-63 is worth around $36,000 just by its self in that grade. Source(s): 49 years a numismatist,Coin Dealers Newsletter
Cheapest I saw online was $279.99 at
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