Cash Crops in Africa?


Cash crops are crops that are grown in order to be sold. Non cash crops are grown to be used by the person growing the crop. Some cash crops that are from Africa are; coffee, cocoa and tea.
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coffee and fruit, among others
A cash crop is a crop that is grown to be sold that can not or would not be fed to animals. Tobacco is an example of a cash crop because it is only grown to be sold.
Four valuable Cash Crops in Africa are: Coffee, Cotton, Cocoa and rubber. Than.
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A cash crop is a crop that is grown to sell and not to be used by the farmer. Tobacco and cotton are two examples of cash crops. Cash crops are distinguished from ...
The crops grown in South Africa include maize, wheat, avocados, grapefruit, pineapples, tangerines, plums and pears. The crops are grown both for export and subsistence ...
The main crops grown in Africa are cereals and grains which include; maize, wheat, and rice. These cereals and grains are grown in large volumes to supply more ...
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