How to Cash an Expired Check?


You can not legally cash an expired check. Your only options pretty much are to contact the person or people who sent you the check and request a new one or attempt taking it to the bank it was drawn on to see if they have any options.
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1. Locate the name and address of the financial institution the check was written on. Use the phone directory, if the bank is local. If the company is located out-of-town, find the
After 180 days, the check is considered "expired" this doesn't
1. Look at the face of the check for the issuing bank logo. The placement varies by check. It may be in one of the upper or lower corners. 2. Take the check to a local branch of the
1. Flip over the check so that you are viewing the back of the check. 2. Look for the end of the check where there are lines and the words "Endorse Here" or something similar
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How to Cash an Expired Check?
You're cleaning out a desk drawer or a moving box and you find an expired check that was issued to you. If the amount is small, you may decide to throw it away and not bother with it. If it's a sizable check, you'll probably want to cash it and get your... More »
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A personal check does not expire. Instead, it becomes 'stale' 6 months after it is written, which means you may have to return the check to the person who wrote ...
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To cash a cheque with no ID, you should endorse it by putting your signature on the back and have a trustworthy individual to deposit it into his account. You ...
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