Cassius in the Play of Julius Caesar?


In the play Julius Caesar, Cassius is brother-in-law to Brutus, and one of the opposing party. Pindarus is servant to Cassius. Cassius kills himself, expecting defeat.
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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
Marcus Brutus is Caesar's close friend and a Roman praetor. Brutus allows himself to be cajoled into joining a group of conspiring senators.... More »
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Ooh! I love Cassius. This is such a fun question, and I think your ideas for how to portray him so far are very good. You might think about what kind of mannerisms Cassius displays
Cassius knows he will soon be captured so he convinces Pindarus to
Cassius is planning to write a petition with signatures from discontented or dissatisfied citizens in reference to Caesar becoming too ambitious. Cassius fabricates a petition. He
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All three of these characters lead the ...
Cassius, the instigator of the conspiracy to kill Caesar, dies by suicide near the end of the play Julius Caesar. Cassius successfully draws his brother-in-law ...
The Battle of Philippi is significant for Cassius because it is his birthday. Act 5 of Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar begins with Cassius and Brutus holding ...
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