What is in the FedEx package at the end of "Cast Away"?


The answer to what's in the box marked with angel wings isn't clearly defined in the movie. "Cast Away" director Robert Zemeckis has jokingly said that the FedEx package contained a waterproof satellite phone, which would have been helpful to Tom Hanks's stranded character, Chuck Noland.

One explanation is based on an analysis of the third draft of "Cast Away," which includes a deleted scene in which Noland opens the box and finds two bottles of salsa verde. The package also includes a note from a woman named Bettina asking her husband to return home.

The movie, which was released in 2000, tells the story of a FedEx worker stranded on a deserted island after his company's plane crashes in a storm. Several FedEx packages wash up on shore, and Noland opens all but one. After Noland is rescued at sea, he returns the unopened package to its original sender in Texas.

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"In transit" means that it's still within the FedEx system being moved to another sort facility. It'll update to "out for delivery" when it's actually coming.
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