How to Heal a Skin Problem Using Castor Oil?


Castor oil for skin is a product used as a remedy due to its medicinal and curative features. To heal a skin problem using this oil, you need to first hot damp your skin in the evening before going to bed. Then, apply or massage castor oil into the skin and leave it on. You can wash off the oil in the morning for desired result.
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Castor oil has been used by many pregnant women towards the end of their pregnancy to get labor started. Once they drink it, it give them cramps to make them feel like they want to
Ancient Egyptians used castor oil extensively in protecting their eyes and lips from the dry desert winds as well as in oil lamps for illumination. The Egyptians also believed the
Castor oil is sometimes used to help lubricate, heal, protect, and moisturize
1 Prepare the things. First thing first, get all the things necessary. Wear some old shirt or protective clothes to avoid staining on to the clothes.
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Castor oil can be used in the home for pain remedies, cooking and for skin care purposes. Most castor oil is used in the preparation or making of lotions and soaps ...
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To apply Castor oil for under eye wrinkle, you must first of all clean your under eye with a toner and allow it to dry on your skin. Then take some Castor oil ...
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