Castration Methods for Men?


There are many castration methods such as surgical removal, elastrator, burdizzo, injection of caustic substances and heating. Men are castrated for different reasons for instance to curb sexual urges and to some it is a treatment for varieties of cancer.
Q&A Related to "Castration Methods for Men"
To ensure sterility or as a torture tactic meant to demean a person.
Some ancient religious sects used castration as an indicator of faithfulness, also
I disagree. I think everyone (except for a few "keepers" to tell them what to do) should have full frontal lobotomies. When everyone is reduced to the state of mindless
We advise banding at 10 days to two weeks of age. Allowing the kid to go longer makes it more stressful. We also give a CDT vaccination at that time. We use a lidocaine spray (
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