Cat 3406b Engine Specs?


The Caterpiller 3406B engine specifications was in production for over 20 years.  This engine runs off of diesel fuel and produces 350 horsepower at full load at 1,800 revolutions per minutes.  The Cat 3406B engine was used in semi-trucks, dump trucks, and heavy equiptment.  The Cat 3406B engine specifications has an excellent reputation for dependability and longevity.  This type of diesel engine utilizes a turbo to help push more air into the engine.  The turbo also helps the engine rev faster which greatly helps the vehicle it is power get up to speed on the road.
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Any crack in an air charged cooler will cause power loss. I realize that these are expensive but it needs to be replaced. I recommend the Duralite air charge cooler. This has a
i would say about ,010 thousanths. Is the copper showing on the bearings. we used to say about .002 per inch of crankshaft.
Any CAT dealer can look it up,I work for a Cat dealer,the torque is 75 ft lbs.
The C15 engine sports a single-piece steel-piston
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