How to treat a cats paw pad that has been burned on a wood stove.?


The best option to treat a cat's paw pad that has been burned is to first take the cat to a knowledgeable vet. If you cannot get to a vet right away, try applying aloe vera to the burned area. Also, make sure that the cat does not excessively lick the burned paw.
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There is a high risk of infection since the cat has to walk on his paws. Do not bandage or put any ointments on him without an ok from a vet. Treatment will differ depending on the
it limps.
Well you can't really stop a cat doing that. My first cat, when he got older at the age of 13 or so, he would sit in the coal bucket and lick the coal. x) Cats lick and eat lots of
If it is only a first degree burn you can apply ointment just like what we humans use but if it's in second or third degree you better take the cat to the vet immediately. Any burn
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