What is a cat shock collar used for?


A cat shock collar, also called a training collar, is used for controlling a cat without the use of a leash, according to Pet Care Education. This type of collar has an electric device that gives cats a low-level electric shock whenever they misbehave.

Cat shock collars are used by owners who want to have maximum control over their pet's actions, explains Pet Care Education. People usually use these collars when taking their pets outdoors. However, many behavioral experts agree that training collars can harm cats. Training collars provide an electric shock that has the potential to cause serious harm. When they get wet, they can emit a high-level electric shock that can severely injure an animal. Moreover, cats may respond adversely to the use of training collars, as they are very independent animals. Some cats tend to associate the pain produced by an electric collar with their owner, causing them to become depressed. Shock collars are classified as a form of fear-based training, which is often not effective on training cats.

Pet Care Education notes that using a collar also carries the risk of choking a pet. There is a possibility of a collar getting caught on a fence or branch, which can result in strangulation.

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About Shock Collars for Cats
Using shock collars on cats, or any other animal, is a highly controversial subject. They are most often used to train or to correct bad behavior. While there are many people who feel shock collars are safe and effective, there are others who think it is... More »
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