Cat Tranquilizer?


You may have to give your cat a tranquilizer when you are traveling. It may also need a tranquilizer to calm its nerves during acts of grooming and during some surgical procedures. These tranquilizers should always be given or prescribed to your cat by a qualified veteraian. No human tranquilizers should ever be given to a cat. They may have adverse reactions to the cat's health. Some common medications that veterinarian sometimes use are Diazepam, Thipoental, and Acepromazine.
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1. Keep tranquilizers that are in pill form in their original container. Place them in a plastic bag along with the paper prescription. This aids in quicker identification of the
It depends on a cat, it's age, weight and such. You always need to consult a vet before tranquilizing you cat or any other animal.
Tranquilizers are dosed according to the animal's weight. Since
Tranquilizers are prescribed by vets, they aren't over the counter drugs. Is you cat hyperactive? If so great, cats need to move and move until they want to nap. You might want to
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To tranquilize a cat, you will need to visit a veterinarian. They will be able to tranquilize your cat safely. ...
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