Catalase in Potato?


Catalase are present in living organisms. Therefore, catalase is present in a raw potato because it is alive. When you cook the potato you kill the enzyme catalase. The enzyme catalase function is to break down hydrogen peroxide. In humans and animals catalase is produced in the liver and heart. They help to oxidant fatty acids and they help in the synthesis of cholesterol. In the human body, white blood cells produce hydrogen peroxide. This hydrogen peroxide is used to kill bacteria.
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do you want hydrogen peroxide which will kill you on your potato? no. it speeds the conversion of that to water and oxygen, so guess.
This process is very lengthy. There is an enzyme known as
When a slice of potato is placed into a solution of hydrogen peroxide, bubbles of oxygen form on the potato surface and rises to the top of the solution. Potatoes contain catalase
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Yes, catalase can be found in potatoes. Catalase is an enzyme. It is found in nearly every living thing that comes into contact with oxygen. The enzyme breaks ...
The liver. ...
The observation of the action of enzyme catalase in a potato experiment is usually done to identify some specific properties of enzymes. Potatoes contain the catalase ...
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