Catastrophism Vs Uniformitarianism?


Many people debate catastrophism vs uniformitarianism. Catastrophism is an idea that natural disasters can dramatically and quickly change the surface of the Earth.These natural disasters includes floods and earthquakes. Uniformitarianism is the idea that geological processes slowly changed how the surface of the Earth appears. These geological processes include erosion. Those who believe in the Bible and in God may believe in the idea of catastrophism. Noah's flood is one example of a natural act that quickly shaped the world.
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Uniformitarianism is a principle that geologic processes that occurred in the past can be explained by current geologic processes. So, it is the idea that the same geologic processes
Uniformitarianism is a principle that geologic
Creationism is the religious belief[1] that humanity, life, the Earth, and the universe are the creation of a supernatural being. However, the term is more commonly used to refer
Uniformitarianism is a principle that has been used in geology for many years but is now being questioned. It states that current geologic processes, occurring at the same rates observed
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