What are catchy business names?


Creating a business name that is catchy can be complicated because you want it to be something that people remembers, but at the same time you want it to make sense. Try something that relates to your business name, rhymes and is catchy.
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1. Write a long list of words that have to do with the physical nature of your business. For example, if you are starting a coffee shop, think of all the words that have to do with
It depends on what your business involves. What are you selling? If you are selling
This is very cool question, personally I would go for something that uses the initials of P.C. such as: Please Computer. that's not the best in the world but you get what i mean :
I think if you include only "discount" it will also do, otherwise the name will be much lengthy. You can also try this name "Omni Discount"
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How to Create a Catchy Business Name
Coming up with a catchy business name can be critical to your success. If your business name is easily forgotten, has nothing to do with your business, is incredibly difficult to pronounce, or is too simple, it will be challenging to attract and keep... More »
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