Catchy Phrases for Advertising?


Catchy phrases in advertising are groups of words that are used to gain a consumer's attention. These words are used in hopes that the consumer will pay attention to the ad and buy the product that is being advertised. These catchy phrases must match the product one is trying to sell. They may be funny or they may be serious. Some examples of some catchy phrases that have been used in business include the LG brand which uses the catch phrase 'Life is Good,' and the company Apple which uses the catch phrase 'Think Different.'
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Advertisements use catchy phrases so people can remember it and to make it more attractive so more people will buy it.
"Old Ladies in Tennis Shoes" is famous
suck it and see.
It's been used a number of times, last I saw Zales Jewelers was running it, but it's always been a favorite of mine. "The more you spend the more you save!" Embed Quote
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