Cathay Pacific Philippines?


Cathway Pacific is an online website that allows customers to book their own flights to a variety of destinations throughout the world. This includes many areas in the Philippines. They also offer their customers a variety of packages. These packages include such fare types as economy supersaver packages. One can also fly to other areas of the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, London, and Shanghai. Plus, customers can get instant updates on any flight changes via the website.
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I think they have regular recruitment drives for new flight crews and cabin staff. You might check with the Cathay Pacific web site where there should be a "careers" area.
1. Book your flight online via the Cathay Pacific Web site (see Resources below) or call (800) 233-2742. 2. Be sure to sign up for the Marco Polo Club, Cathay Pacific's frequent flyer
In the past couple of years, I have flown with Singapore to Singapore and with Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong. The experience with Singapore Airlines was far and away the better of the
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According to the Cathay Pacific website, baggage can be anywhere from 23kg to 32kg before you incur extra charges. This may differ depending on which class you ...
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Cathway Pacific is an online site that allows customers to book flights to many areas of the world. This includes flights to areas such as Hong Kong, Singapore ...
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