Catholic Church Estimated Net Worth?


It is estimated that the net worth of the Catholic Church is in the billions of dollars. Plus, the Catholic Roman Church owns a lot of gold and historical pieces that are worth a lot of money. However, the church is facing a downward deficit, as is many businesses and charities. Their followers are not able to give as much as they once were due to financial burdens. Luckily, the Catholic Church does operate a number of different of charities worldwide.
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In 2000 the bank had deposits of $40 billion, and annual profits
this has been asked before. You're probably going to have to buy a book or something that explains more fully. These figures are 2002.
I think it said he's worth about $50m. He is reportedly worth 98M according to Forbes, his fragrance lines and offshore properties are not included in the estimate.'s_estimate...
No exact info found. Some put the net worth of the Roman Catholic Church at a billion dollars. It's considered as one of the biggest corporations in the US. report this answer. Answered
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The current net worth of the Catholic Church is unknown, though many claim it may be one of the wealthiest organizations in existence.
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