Catholic Confirmation Symbols?


There are a variety of symbols used in a Catholic confirmation. These can include the cross. The cross is the symbol which Christians used to remember Jesus Christ. Water is also an important symbol. It symbolizes purity and the act of cleansing. It is used during the anointing ceremony in baptism. Another symbol can be the light which provides the direction one should be taking in their life. The act of Confirmation is held and celebrated during Mass.
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Confirmation is one of the Catholic Church's 7 Sacraments. It is a process to confirm ones faith and maturity in the church and to help deepen it.
The Bible says that Jesus promised the gift of the Holy Ghost to all who followed him. In the Acts of the Apostles and several of the Epistles Catholics learn that after they were
I don't recall anything specific to Confirmation that isn't used at other rites at some point or other. There's oil used to anoint the people getting confirmed, those people usually
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