How Are Cattle Slaughtered?


According to the FDA, cattle must be slaughtered via guidelines structured to keep the process as hygienic as possible while keeping the pain down to a minimum. Cattle are slaughtered using a stunning process in which a metal object is inject directly into the animal's brain. The animal is then hanged upside down and drained of it's blood
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Cows are slaughtered by hanging them upside down so that all blood rushes to their heads, then whacked in the head with either a hammer or air-pressure device. Their throats are cut
Prior to slaughter, animals are inspected to ensure they are healthy and physiologically normal. Cattle should also be adequately rested, especially following a period of travel.
1 Make careful preparations for doing the slaughtering process. This will help you remain calm and make sure you make the euthanization process as quick and painless as possible.
Cattle meant to be sent to the slaughter house to be slaughtered and eaten.
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