How to Remove Caulk from Hands?


There are a few ways to get caulk from your hands. However, the best way to get caulk from your hands is denatured alcohol. You can also scrum hands with orange hand cleaner. If you let the caulk dry, you can always peel it off.
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1. Keep paper towels nearby to remove caulk if you accidentally get it on your fingers. Wipe excess caulk off your skin immediately if you get it on your hands. 2. Place a generous
1. Rub a plain plastic bag (like the ones you get at the grocery store) on your hands and on the areas sticky with silicone caulk. Ad. 2. Rinse with water. 3. If there is still some
Is the caulk made of silicone? If so soak a rag or cotton balls in
You didn't say what kind of caulk you used. If you used a latex or acrylic base caulk, you can clean up with soap and warm water. If you used a silicone base caulk, you're going to
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