Cause and Effect of Peer Pressure?


Peer pressure is caused by the social desire to fit in and be accepted by peers. The effect of peer pressure, in turn, can cause a group mentality, continuing the cycle of peer pressure. What causes peer pressure from the people pressuring is the desire to define normalcy.
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The cause of peer pressure can be different for each individual. Most peer pressure is created because they want to fit into a group or crowd of peers and feel they must do or say
Equip your child with good values: Of course, it is the responsibility of parents to teach their child good and positive values that will help in the development of their child (or
the effects would be one if you get pressure from someone asking you to smoke and you dont really want to but its somthing to be cool than the next day you have a interview with a
A cause could be anything. Trivial things to Drugs/ Alcohol. Some effects are. 1. You feel hurt because these are some friends that you KNOW. 2. You feel like you need to do whatever
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There are a few things that cause people to abuse drugs. Some of those are physical and mental abuse, peer pressure, and stress. Some of the effects of drug ...
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