Cause and Effect of Shays Rebellion?


The cause and effect of Shay's Rebellion were that the farmers were unable to pay the taxes and debts on their farms. The farms were being taken away by congress. They started burning down the courts in Massachusetts. This was a major factor in the creation of the Constitution.
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Farmers: Farmers were unable to pay the debts and taxes on their farms and they were being taken away by the congress. Daniel Shays reasoned that his farm could not be taken away
Shay's Rebellion, was a protest over these direct taxes and's...
The farmers in 1786 were forced to use Continentals as currency, and they were worthless in the U.S. and state legislatures refused to aid the farmers. the farmers took up their muskets
Effect of Shay's Rebellion: 1. It pointed out the weakness of the Articles of Confederation for governing the US. 2. The Constitution of the US was
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