Cause of Burning Sensation in Inner Thigh?


Burning sensations in the inner thigh can be uncomfortable. It prevents you from walking or moving the way you usually move. Some of the causes of this symptom include sciatica, diabetes, paresthesia, varicose veins and some muscle problems.
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Paresthesia. The burning sensations that you may feel in your thigh area is a medical condition called "paresthesia," wherein it feels like pins are prickling throughout
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You might be allergic to something. The wrong type of detergent can do what you're describing. There are also many types of bacteria that live on the skin as part of the normal floura
Answer Sweat rash can be a cause. Use talcum powder between your thighs on hot or humid days. Obese individuals are more inclined to develop rash due to increased friction along the
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What Are the Causes of Burning Sensations in the Inner Thigh?
There are times when burning sensations affect the thigh area. Burning sensations in the thigh area, can result from innocuous issues to serious conditions. You may have concerns, whether because of personal experience or observing others' leg problems.... More »
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