Cause of Fatty Tumors?


Fatty tumors are commonly referred to as lipoma's. The cause of fatty tumors can be from a traumatic injury or possibly a genetic history of growing fatty tumors. Fatty tumors are a non cancerous cell made from adipose tissue.
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A cause of fatty tumors or lipoma can be due to the build up of the fatty tissues one has. These type of tumors are not malignant but can be annoying cosmetically and they can be
It is not known. It may be heredity, skin cancer is from too much sun exposure, breast cancer can be attributed to many different reasons. It is my opinion benign fatty tumors are
The cause of development for lipomas(fatty tumors) is still poorly understood. The tendency to develop a lipoma is not necessarily hereditary although hereditary conditions (familial
Not Medical Advice: A benign tumor is caused by cell overgrowth, and thus is different from a cyst or an abcess, report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February 02 2012 at 12:41PM
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There are a couple of things that can cause fatty tumors, called Lipomas. They are non cancerous and form around pockets of extra tissue. They tend to be a genetic issue within families. There is some debate about why some people get them, while others do not.
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