What is the cause of ignition coil failures?


Ignition coil failures are caused by worn out spark plugs that fail to transmit electronic signals in a functional and fluid manner. This creates a disruption in the regular flow of power across the ignition coil and makes the engine lose power. It is less common but still possible that the rotor the ignition coil rests on breaks and reduces the function of the power circuit.

The ignition coil is the primary tool used between the battery and the rest of the engine in terms of transmitting electrical power from one point in the machinery to the entire combustion process. This device sits on a high-powered rotor that allows for fluid movement as the coil transfers electricity along the cylindrical path of its metallic frame. When spark plugs fail to transmit electrical information in the right sequence and frequency, this causes significant issues that result in ignition coil failure.

An ignition coil failure is easy to detect thanks to the visible ways it impacts the engine. Cars and trucks with ignition coil failure experience backfiring, misfiring and problems with getting the vehicle to start in the first place. When drivers encounter issues with maintaining power in the automobile, it is likely that the issue is an ignition coil failure.

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You probably bought an after market coil. The quality is no where near OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Costs less too. You get what you pay for. Did you replace the plug wires
The ignition coil is an important component of the engine start-up process. While this mechanical component tends to have a long life, there are several conditions that can contribute
Generally 1 or more cylinders won't fire. This could mean that the vehicle won't start, it could also make the vehicle act underpowered and vibrate.
A broken voltage regulator can damage and destroy ignition coils.
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Cause of Ignition Coil Failures
The ignition coil is a system that helps to ignite the gasoline mixture injected into the combustion cylinders in an engine. The ignition system must ignite the fuel in these cylinders very precisely and at a high rate of speed, providing the engine with... More »
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