Cause of Sunken Eyes?


Weight loss and fatigue can cause sunken in eyes. Dehydration can also be a contributing factor in making eyes seem sunken in. There also disease that can cause the eyes to have that sunken look.
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The eyes rest in the orbits (eye sockets) and are padded by orbital fat. There position depends on your genetics, which control the depth of your orbits and the amount of fat around
Hey Nessie, you might wanna check your sleep cycle. not enough sleep is the primary cause of eyes sinking in, and causes dark circles under them as well. you can also get those from
Some common causes for having sunken eyes include: tiredness,
1. Get some rest. Many people set adequate time aside for sleep, but wake up several times during the night. If you are a light sleeper, invest in a noise machine. If you wake up
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