Cause Ribbon like Stool?


The cause of ribbon like stool will vary. However, ribbon type stools are a common symptom of colon cancer. This does not mean that everyone who has ribbon stool has colon cancer, but it is something to speak to a physician about.
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Constipation, bowel stricture due to scar tissue, hemorrhoids and other inflammatory diseases of the colon. Different types of food eaten causes different shapes of stool. Take inventory
Normally, dark stool means that either you are taking a strong iron pill, or you may have some type of internal bleeding. If you see this, you should consult your physician.
Perhaps you are not eating enough fiber or just enh food full stop.
If you are suffering from a bacterial infection, such as salmonella, shigelle, E. coli or campylobacter, which can be acquired from eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated
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Ribbon stools are a creative and fun twist on a normal stool. The stools look to be able the normal height of a stool with a seat at the top, but from the bottom ...
Ribbon shaped or ribbon like stool is a sign of colon cancer. It is also known as thin stool. It is best to see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment. ...
Ribbon shaped stools can signify that a problem exists in the colon. It is generally caused by something that is swelling into the colon and narrowing the passage ...
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