What Causes Cracked Split Lips?


Cracked split lips are caused by dehydration. You can use Vaseline or a petroleum based chap-stick to help alleviate cracked split lips and also drink more water.
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Some people may have skin reactions especially manifested in the lips during weather changes, that is, the cold, dry winter or the heat from the sun and overexposure to these. In
Some causes of fingernail splitting would be due to trauma to the fingernail, and exposure to a lot of moisture. Other caused would be use of polish removers or chemicals or over
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Very simple answer and a very simple way to make sure it doesnt happen again. The skin from your lips and some of the tissue is torn when it is "dryed" Your answer to stop
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There are several things that cause cracked splits lips. Some of these would include the dry cold air as well as someone licking their lips. ...
Split corners of the mouth could be due to the continued presence of saliva on the skin. If the split corner is only on one side of the lip then it could be a ...
To help heal a split Lip, apply pressure against it by using a washcloth that is dry. The split is clean with soapy water. Prepare hydrogen peroxide and water ...
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