Causes Feet to Turn Blue?


Raynaud's disease is a disorder of the blood vessels. Blood vessels supplying blood to the skin become narrowed for those afflicted by the disease. This limits blood circulation to affected areas, which can include the feet. It makes the affected parts of the body feel numb and cool in cold temperatures and when stressed and can cause a blue appearance. There are two types of Raynaud's. When it occurs by itself, it is called primary Raynaud's. When it occurs with another disease, it is called secondary Raynaud's. Primary Raynauds is the most common form of the disease.
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feet turn blue when they are really cold and when there is barely any oxygen getting to them.
Blue-tinged lips can also be a sign that your blood has become oxygen-deprived from
17 Jun 2010 Joyousjoy, If it's turning your skin blue, then I'd recommend going back to the ER doctor. One of Sulfadiazine's allergic reactive symptoms is unusal bruising. You could
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Feet would turn blue if there were a lack of oxygen getting to them. This would happen if your circulation was bad. However, this could be a symptom of many conditions ...
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If a person notices that their feet turn blue when they are sitting, this could likely be due to the fact that they have poor circulation. This is always something ...
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