Causes for Antifreeze Leak in Cars?


An antifreeze leak in a car generally occurs due to a puncture or cut somewhere components that cycle the antifreeze through the car. The radiator hose is a common place where a puncture or cut can occur, since it is simply made of rubber. This is the first place to check for a leak. A hole, such as one due to impact or rust, may occur in the radiator. If this happens, a leak will occur. This should be checked next. While checking these component, a person should look to see if hose clamps are secured properly. If a hose clamp is not secured properly, it could be the cause of the antifreeze leak.
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a hose or radiator may be broken. check your hoses and radiator. where is leak coming from? front, right? find general area and continue from there.
By looking underneath the car, you can see the fluid and pinpoint the origin, the reason why it's leaking. The radiator holds and circulates antifreeze. A hole or crack in this causes
While you could have a coolant leak in your radiator, your problem is most
Driving a car without the required amount of coolant cause antifreeze leak into the oil of a car. Antifreez is also known as coolant.
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