Causes for Rotten Egg Belch?


Vitamin B1 causes rotten egg belches. Poultry and red meats also are causes for rotten egg belch. Nuts,sunflower seeds and whey proteins also lead to egg belches.
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The smell! :)
I have found that rotten egg is a sign that you might be coming down with a stomach virus. Often times you have sour food in your stomach. Drink plenty of water. Source(s) Nursing
The smell is that of hydrogen sulphide. He needs a GP I am not a GP. I would guess either/and or, the eggs are not properly cooked, or he is allergic to eggs. I never eat boiled eggs
A rotten egg smell in water is caused by hydrogen sulfide or sulfate. Hydrogen sulfide is more common in certain parts of the country, such as Indiana and Minnesota. It occurs when
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Belching that tastes like rotten eggs can be caused by hydrogen sulfide. Animal products that contain sulfur include poultry, red meat, eggs, and milk. Vegetables ...
Rotten eggs will float in water because they are filled with more air. They are also filled with more gases. The air and gas in the egg will cause them to float. ...
Rotten egg burps may be caused by a health condition known as gastrpoparesis. This is a condition of the stomach. It prevents the stomach wall muscles from working ...
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