Why do teens run away?


Some teenagers run away in an attempted showdown with parental authority, as a very dramatic way of saying 'You can't tell me what to do!' Some are expressing their feeling of alienation and believe that they will find more sympathetic companions somewhere else. It can be anything from a cry for more attention to an expression of their belief that they are ready and able to look after themselves.
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Some teenagers run away as a sign of rebellion. Others run away to get away from their siblings or parents, or because they live in a dysfunctional environment.
1. Report your child missing immediately by calling the police and filing a report. Even if you find him immediately, a police report is always helpful in documenting the situation,
1. Leave the anger at the door. Do not make accusations and give your teen and yourself the chance to speak openly. You need to have a honest but fair conversation with them. Determine
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