Causes for Spongy Brake Pedal?


A spongy brake pedal can be caused by a brake system that has air in it. The brakes may need bleeding. Another cause may be from a low level of brake fluid or a weakness in a brake hose causing it to balloon out.
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If a brake pedal feels spongy, air could have found its way into the hydraulic system. Air pockets prevent the fluid from flowing properly. If you bleed the system, the pedal should
Unfortunately there are several possibilities. First off I'd check brake pad and / or shoe thickness. Worn pads / shoes can cause this as the caliper pistons have to move to the nearly
I replaced master cylinder and brake booster, no leaks in the break line, all break pads or all good, I have bleed all 4 brakes and my breaks are still spongy
it sounds like you have air in the braking SYSTEM, also make sure no water has got on to the system. if you pump the pedal, does the foot brake go hard, if so it is air the system
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What Are the Causes of Spongy Brake Pedals?
The first brakes on automobiles resembled the tire brake utilized by drivers of horse-drawn vehicles. Advances followed Ransom E. Olds' introduction in 1902 of brakes that consisted of a "single flexible stainless-steel band, wrapped around a drum on the... More »
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