Causes for Sudden Drop in Blood Pressure?


There are many causes for a sudden drop in blood pressure, with some of these causes being more serious than others. Pregnancy can cause blood pressure to drop. Dehydration is a leading factor in blood pressure that suddenly drops, often causing a person to faint. Heart conditions and endocrine problems can also cause a sudden drop in blood pressure, as can certain medications. If a sudden drop in blood pressure is a recurring problem, a person should visit his or her doctor in order to properly diagnose and treat the medical issue.
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Sepsis is a condition that is caused when an infection invades the bloodstream and overwhelms the body's system and organs. According to the American Heart Association, the bacteria
Low body temperature, high body temperature, hemorrhage, severe dehydration and sepsis (infection) are all causes for blood pressure to drop.
Many things can cause a drop in blood pressure, the following is only a partial list: Anemia. Approaching death. Cancer. Certain drug therapies: antihypertensives, narcotics, analgesics
Loss of blood from bleeding. Low body temperature. High body
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The medical term that describes low blood pressure is hypotension. Common causes of sudden drop of blood pressure may be loss of blood from bleeding, low body ...
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