Causes for Teenage Smoking?


One of the main causes for teenage smoking is peer pressure. Many teenagers may think that smoking looks cool, and they may choose to begin smoking in order to fit in with their friends. However, cigarettes are very dangerous and addictive, so a person that starts due to peer pressure will likely have a very difficult time quitting the habit. Since smoking has been linked to many serious illnesses, such as lung cancer, which can lead to death, it is recommended for anyone of any age to not begin smoking at all to avoid the trouble that comes with attempting to quit.
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The smell of smoke can often get attached to clothing so check teenager's clothes for the smell. You may also find that teenagers will use deodorant, perfume or aftershave in an attempt
Statistics from a US study in 2005 indicate that 23% of high-school teens smoke, up 2% from the 2003 figures. 80% of smokers begin smoking before the age of 18, indicating that the
Peer pressure and wanting to "fit in" and "be cool". The funny thing is, smoking is not cool... in fact, it's plain
I'm assuming you mean other than addiction after giving them a try? I quit 2 months after I started back in freshman year of college, so I'm no expert on long-term reasons, but here's
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