Causes of Aching Heavy Legs Feeling?


There are a few causes that could lead to a feeling of heavy legs that are also aching. Heavy activity or exercise may leave the legs feeling heavy and achy. Prolonged periods of inactivity can also cause this problem. Poor circulation may also contribute to a heavy feeling as well as soreness in the legs. An accumulation of extra fluid in the legs can create a feeling of heaviness as well. In order to properly diagnose what is causing a feeling of aching and heaviness in the legs, it is highly recommended to visit a doctor to examine the problem.
Q&A Related to "Causes of Aching Heavy Legs Feeling?"
Sounds like your heart to me, but you may just be misaligned in the spine. I'd go see a doctor.
Symptoms. Aching legs is a common symptom associated with a number of different medical conditions. Although elderly individuals complain of aching in the legs more often, individuals
Heart attack, pregnancy, or angina. Seek
There are a number of potential reasons. Two that come to mind: 1. You may have a peripheral neuropathy which becomes more noticeable laying in bed without other stimuli. 2. You may
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