Causes of Chromatic Aberration?


Chromatic aberration is when the lenses are not able to focus all colors in the image. The main cause of chromatic aberration is because there is different index of refraction for different wavelengths of light in lenses. In the lens, when the waves of light decrease, the index of refraction then decreases.
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Chromatic aberration, also called achromatism, is the failure of a lens to focus all colors to
George is right. Chromatic aberration occurs in lenses (not in mirrors) as the result of different colors being refracted differently as they pass through a lens. White light will
Different colors (wavelengths) are refracted through different angles at each surface of the lens.
1. Take the scope to a shooting range or other location with sufficient open viewing distance to use the scope at maximum magnification. 2. Hang up a standard paper bullseye target
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