Causes of Cyclone Tracy?


Two opposing winds that met and begun to swirl over tropical oceans caused Cyclone Tracy. A low pressure area develops in the middle of the swirl wherein the warm air is forced up. This will cause provision of energy for a Cyclone to form. Cyclone Tracy affected human lives and property in the year 1974.
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A cyclone - which is the Australian name for a hurricane - caused Cyclone Tracy. It actually began as a tropical depression in the Arafura Sea, north od Darwin. It developed into
Any cyclone will form where a low pressure system is evident in the warmer months. Another high pressure system was feeding air into this low pressure system which was allowing evaporation
A tropical cyclone is the last stage of a storm, right after the tropical storm, and is equivalent to a hurricane. It is defined by winds above 74 miles per hour. The eye in the center
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