Causes of Cyclone Tracy?


Two opposing winds that met and begun to swirl over tropical oceans caused Cyclone Tracy. A low pressure area develops in the middle of the swirl wherein the warm air is forced up. This will cause provision of energy for a Cyclone to form. Cyclone Tracy affected human lives and property in the year 1974.
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A cyclone - which is the Australian name for a hurricane - caused Cyclone Tracy. It actually began as a tropical depression in the Arafura Sea, north od Darwin. It developed into
Any cyclone will form where a low pressure system is evident in the warmer months. Another high pressure system was feeding air into this low pressure system which was allowing evaporation
Cyclones are caused when the water of the ocean heats up. This rise in temperature causes the water to evaporate and when it rises, it condenses. At the same time, heavy winds cause
A tropical cyclone is the last stage of a storm, right after the tropical storm, and is equivalent to a hurricane. It is defined by winds above 74 miles per hour. The eye in the center
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The economic impacts of Cyclone Tracy were devastating to Australia; the debt accumulated from relief and destruction equaled over 380 million dollars. Cyclone ...
Cyclones are hugely attributed to the rotation of the earth on its axis. The spinning causes the cyclone clouds to rotate hence resulting in a cyclone. Cyclones ...
The cause of cyclones are from warm tropical moisture clouds, that start in the open oceans or seas. They can only form over warm waters, usually in the tropical ...
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